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Let me take you on an AI adventure


​AI offers a wide range of opportunities to optimize processes, promote creativity, gain valuable insights and improve decision-making. By harnessing the power of AI, you can transform business operations, improve customer experiences and gain a competitive advantage. Liesbeth Wijlaars takes organizations into the world of AI. She helps teams understand the underlying technology so that they are able to discover AI opportunities themselves.


  • A broad knowledge of AI technology and its possible applications.

  • Workshops that are inspiring, informative and motivating.

  • Experience in change management and guiding teams in a dynamic environment. 

  • Strengthening management teams to drive an AI transformation.

  • With a focus on the importance of human experiences and values in harnessing the power of AI.


Anya Niewierra
Director Visit South Limburg


''WOW! Tonight I attended a very interesting workshop about the use of #AI in companies. The trainer was Liesbeth Wijlaars from Lagom... That will be a challenge, because a lot of what we do is going to be completely different..''

Vincent Vanhooymissen
Managing Director & CFO Aminolabs

We can only confirm that you are in the right place with Liesbeth and LAGOM for insights into the impact and opportunities of Generative AI.

Kyra Cloth
Program Manager Knowledge & Entrepreneurship - Limburg Employers Association (LWV)

'Liesbeth knows how to make the enormously broad theme small and manageable. She provides you with sufficient knowledge, tips & tricks and also practical tools to get started today. And all this in a light-hearted way with plenty of room for lots of laughs. In short, highly recommended!'


AI really goes beyond ChatGPT and creating your own Avatar.  

Discovery Workshop 

2.5 hours

Management-direction teams.

4-8 people

AI in Business 

Discover together with your team which AI technologies are available and how they are used by organizations. Get to know the possibilities, the opportunities, the challenges and the fears surrounding AI. 

AI owl
AI parrot

Opportunity work session

4 hours

Management and AI ambassadors

2-6 people

AI opportunities for your organization

Your team learns to recognize, discover and inventory opportunities for their own organization, and to estimate what the impact may be on the growth of your business, on the employees, on the culture of your organization.




Strategy and roadmap working sessions 

It is very important that AI is discovered, prepared and implemented from within the organization. We guide this process so that teams can develop a strong AI strategy and create an AI roadmap that delivers, is feasible and workable for the people in the organization. AI only works if people work with it.

AI giraffe


Session for entrepreneurial groups: AI for business

Do you give yourself and other entrepreneurs the opportunity to be aware of the opportunities that AI offers? Then book an AI inspiration session for entrepreneurs. Here we take you through your first introduction to AI and you will discover how many applications there are already, within organizations and within broader society. And be inspired to get started yourself.


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